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Letter to the Editor: Questions for Council

To the editor:

Open letter to The Dalles Mayor and City Council: I am one of the citizens who attended the City Council meeting held Feb. 26. I was there to observe the public hearing held regarding City Councilor Darcy Long-Curtiss.

After the meeting I was left with several questions I would like to ask the mayor and the council.

Honorable Mayor Lawrence, you read the model policy the city council uses to ensure members do not say derogatory remarks about each other.

Would you support a similar policy that protects private citizens from derogatory remarks from the city council and the mayor? Would you support a process where citizens could confront a public servant in the same manner set forth by the public hearing you presided over?

City Councilor Taner Elliot, you spoke elegantly about the virtues of kindness. You went so far as to quote the “Golden Rule” that people should “treat others as they would be treated themselves.” Have you practiced this behavior in your past and present? When you have fallen short of being kind, have you subjected yourself to the type of scrutiny and repercussions you would handily set out for Councilor Long-Curtiss?

Councilor Russ Brown, you spoke heartily about “perceptions,” and you criticized Councilor Long-Curtiss for being “snappy.” Would you believe I perceived you to be talking in a gender-biased and patronizing manner to Councilor Long-Curtiss? Is that the perception you would like to leave me with?

Councilor Linda Miller, you spoke about feeling upset that “people called you” regarding a newspaper article. I was left with the feeling you don't like to be questioned about your positions or votes. Is that what you meant to convey?

Councilor Tim McGlothlin, you spoke of fairness, due process and focusing on doing the work of the city. I wonder, would you consider running for mayor?

Finally, Councilor Darcy Long-Curtiss, you displayed intelligence, accountability and fortitude in the letter you addressed to the public and your fellow public servants. I am inspired. Are you planning to run again in 2020 when your term expires? And if you do run, where do I send the check for your campaign?

Daliea Thompson

The Dalles

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